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Back to School Brain Mapping for Learning Disabilities
September 16, 2019 at 2:00 PM
by Braincare Inc.

Be at your best for school!

If you or your child is struggling with learning disabilities, even after many interventions, it is possible that you need more information about what is really going on in the processing areas of the brain. Not all the symptoms that we can see on the outside necessarily correlate with what is going on inside the brain. Peter steals from Paul to pay Mary as it compensates to override traumatized areas and weak connections. One child may manifest symptoms of decoding, and the real culprit might be in the speech centers of the brain. All the reading help won’t address the speech area so years of being pulled out or private sessions can’t help. But working directly over the source of the problems area could help bring it on board, taking pressure off the compensating area of reading, and suddenly, reading and decoding comes on board. Often in cases where other therapies have not been successful, this is the undiagnosed pattern.

No two people are identical in what experiences they have. No two brains are wired or rewired identically. Birth trauma, pre-natal trauma, concussions, high fevers, viral infections, repetitive earaches or strep, sports injuries, emotional traumas, especially if two occur within six months of each other, can result in undiagnosed learning disabilities, focusing issues, hypereactivity, loss of sleep, night terrors, incontinence, low tolerance for stress, headaches and stomach aches i.e. somatic symptoms for children and adults.

The good news is that it is possible to help jumpstart the brain’s function and accelerate the healing process. The brain’s neuroplasticity gives it the ability to rewire itself. Targeted neurotransmitters, neurofeedback guided by brainmapping, and other complementary therapies at the right time, can not only restore function but significantly enhance the brain’s function just the way an Olympic athlete can focus on honing in on their best performance.

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